Culture Club

Culture Club

The aim of the Culture Club is to foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. It aims to provide the pupils with a foundation for learning further languages by sampling a variety of different foreign languages and learning French as the main thread throughout.

Early years and KS1

Pupils practise the skills of listening and speaking. Pupils are introduced to a wide variety of songs and chants to encourage good intonation and pronunciation and memorising of language. We sing songs about a whole variety of topics accompanied with actions and mimes to help the children identify meanings of words. Pupils are introduced in the target language to greetings, numbers, colours, months and days of the week, pets and animals.  Pupils learn to answer basic questions about themselves eg how they are and where they live. Pupils are introduced to basic facts about geography, food, costume, festivals, music, children’s toys, and fairy tales from a variety of different countries eg France, Germany, Spain, China, Japan, Africa.  A lot of games are played in the classroom and with the interactive whiteboard to encourage children to use, repeat, memorise and integrate the target language and to encourage use of spontaneous expression.


In Years 3 and 4 we practise the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Pupils deepen their understanding of geography, food, costume, festivals, music, children’s toys, and fairy tales from the countries covered in KS1. Pupils also expand their understanding of the world to include further countries such as India, Italy, Argentina, Russia and francophone countries. Pupils are taught to appreciate songs, poems and rhymes to learn sounds, rhyming words and correct pronunciation. Pupils also watch and listen to animated stories in the target language from the chosen country to explore the patterns of language. Pupils play a lot of guessing games, memory games and word recognition games to encourage memory and vocabulary learning. Pupils continue to practise basic topics from KS1 and other topics are introduced such as the weather, rooms in the home, some sports, clothes and parts of the body. Pupils learn to use the target language in the classroom to direct games, express emotion, and ask for things. They learn to understand classroom commands from the teacher in the target language. Pupils practise their own mini-conversations giving information about themselves in the target language.