World Book Day & Daniel Weatheritt

8th March 2015

We were very lucky to be able to spend World Book Day with Daniel Weatheritt who is an artist and designer based in Northumberland. His love of drawing started at Northburn First School Wildlife Club in Year 3. Shortly afterwards, he began self-publishing comics including The Adventures of Mickey Molar, Captain Scarlet and Friends and All Wrapped Up - Secrets of the Mummies Tomb. These formed an important precursor to a life-long fascination with image-making and all forms of design. Daniel spent the day with the children illustrating books that each class had written.  Photos of the day are in the Galleries section of the website.  Each class book is available in school.  Please come in and have a look at the children’s fantastic work.  The children looked fantastic dressed up as their favourite book characters too.

We would like to thank Daniel very much for a fantastic inspirational day which was enjoyed by everyone.