Ethos and Values

Aims and Values


Educational: To develop successful learners, who enjoy active learning, achieve and have fun.

Spiritual: To develop an understanding of self and others through providing opportunities for awe and wonder and reflection.

Social: To care for all its members and develop responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to their family, their school and their local community.

Community: To promote the growth and development of partnerships between the school, the home, the local community and the wider community, for the benefit of all.


Guiding Principles

We welcome challenges.

We respect others and work together.

We take responsibility for our actions.

We take pride in ourselves, our work, our school and our community.

We celebrate our achievements and the achievements of others.

We care for our environment.

At our school we work in close partnership with parents and others to create an environment where all children can enjoy a love of learning, become confident, happy members of our community and fulfil their potential.