At Otterburn we encourage parents to share in their child’s learning with the work they bring home.  Homework focuses on literacy and numeracy skills consolidating and reinforcing aspects of the subject learnt in school.

Homework provides an appropriate means for children to:

  • Consolidate and reinforce what is learnt in the classroom
  • Build up basic skills, particularly in reading, writing and numeracy
  • Become curious and independent learners
  • Develop good study skills
  • Prepare for the next stage of their education in secondary school

Every child brings homework book which contains the following each week:

  • A book banded book which is at their own individual level and a reading record for parent and child to record books read. 
  • A spelling rocket with spellings to learn for a weekly test.  Use the ‘look, cover, say, write, check’ strategy to practice these.
  • A Big Maths mental maths test - it is helpful to practice learning these facts so that your child works towards beating their weekly ‘Beat That!’ maths score.
  • A maths worksheet – practice using the strategies learnt in school.
  • A times table to learn ready for a weekly test. 

The school very much appreciates the support given in completing these tasks and handing homework in on time.  Parents are always welcome to speak to their child’s teacher if they have any queries about homework.  The table below sets out guidelines on the amount of time families should be spending completing homework but as a school we urge families to be creative e.g. practice spellings and timetables in the car on the way to school or whilst out walking!

Reception There are no guidelines or timescales at this age. The main emphasis is in developing early literacy skills through reading and practising key words and sounds.  Additionally, each week parents are given suggestions for practical activities to complement the math and literacy work covered in class.


1 and 2

Building towards 1 hour a week in total plus 10 minutes a day reading.  

Building towards weekly spellings and multiplication tables. 

Occasional literacy and numeracy activities.

Talk Homework.


3 and 4

Building towards  1 ½ hours a week in total plus 15 minutes reading ever day.

Weekly spelling and multiplication tables.

Talk Homework.

Weekly maths and literacy activities.