PE and Sport


When teaching the PE curriculum at the River Rede Federation we develop the enjoyment of physical activity and strive to improve the importance of health and wellbeing. Our intention is to give children the opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding and apply these in competitive situations. We aim to provide all of our pupils with lifelong learning skills.  

All our pupils participate in different sporting activities. They  learn the importance of health and wellbeing. Our aim is that children will form a life-long love of sport and exercise, not just for the health benefits but for the joy, sense of pride and achievement that it can bring.  At our school the Sports Premium funding is used to provide high quality specialist delivery of the PE curriculum to all pupils and provide high quality CPD for teachers. 


The River Rede Federation provides a wide range of sports and activities to all pupils. In KS1, we provide opportunities for pupils to develop fundamental movement skills, becoming increasingly competent and confident. Over the course of the year this covers Multi Skills, Gymnastics, Dance, racket skills/Tennis, Tag Rugby, striking/fielding in Cricket, swimming and Athletics. 


In KS2 pupils continue to develop their current skills learnt in KS1 and progress onto more difficult skills in Tag Rugby, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Tennis/Cricket, basketball/netball, swimming and football. All pupils are able to engage in competitive and co-operative physical activities. 


Across the school day, through PE sessions, over break/lunch times and through extra-curricular activity, we aim to ensure children are active and develop a good understanding of healthy lifestyles.  The children also run the Daily Mile each day which has had a huge impact on their fitness levels.




We endeavour to get all children to reach their age-related expectations for their year group through our progressive skill based curriculum. We intend the impact of our PE curriculum will ensure children will leave The River Rede Federation prepared for the next step in their physical education and life beyond primary school.