Sports Premium 2014 - 2015

Sports Premium

2014-15 IMPACT


At Otterburn First School we received £8,038.


Teachers have worked closely with Tynedaly School Sports Partnership during weekly PE lessons to develop their skills and subject knowledge. The quality of professional delivery by Tyndedale School Sports Partnership has seen a marked improvement in children’s ability, confidence, resilience, risk taking and performance in all sports and at all ages.


Participation in out of school clubs remains high with our Gymnastics being the most popular.

Participation in multi-school festivals has increased and this year we have taken part in the Cross Country, Gymnastics, Tag Rugby, Skipping, Partnership Sports Days as well as our own Sports Day.

Our school sports day allowed parents to see first-hand the improvement in ability, agility and awareness of the importance of an honest, fair competition. All children participated this year with very few children displaying a desire to opt-out.  When this was the case the children were easily encouraged to take part and have a go at the activities.  This determination is something that is difficult to measure but easy to see in action.

 Impact - How the money was spent

Tyndale School Sports Partnership fees – £6500 per financial year

Sept to March TSSP fee £3792  plus £904 for additional coach

April to August TSSP fee £2708   plus £646 for additional coach

Attending sports competitions such as Tag Rugby, Partnership Sports days and Skipping Festival.