Sports Premium 2015 - 2016

Sports Premium



At Otterburn First School we will received £8,160.


Teachers will continue to work closely with Tynedale School Sports Partnership during weekly PE lessons to develop their skills and subject knowledge further and to consider assessing children’s progress. They will participate fully in lessons utilising the expertise offered and then applying it to further lessons within the week which link directly, consolidating or developing prior learning.  Wewill consider provision of equipment during play times and lunchtimes to support learning and develop interests.

Additional CPD (Continued Professional Development) will be given to staff at all levels based on a skills analysis / audit undertaken by trained professionals.


We will aim to participate in 5 festivals locally and build upon the successes of last year.

We will assess performance, participation and confidence through teacher assessments, parent questionnaires, website posts, competitions entries, after school club participation.

How we intend to spend your allocation

Tyndale School Sports Partnership fees – £6500 per financial year

September to March will be £3792 - Sports Premium Grant £3,400

April to August £2708 - Sports Premium Grant £3,400

Buses to sporting events will take the remaining funds.