Active and Healthy Lifestyle Day 2022

We ran an 'Active and Healthy Lifestyle Day' for the whole school because at Otterburn we believe it is vitally important that all pupils know and understand the importance and benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle. 
All pupils took part in five different lessons throughout the day in their houses, as well as a whole school assembly, which included lots of different cross-curricular links. The five lessons were:
  • Science - A practical lesson where pupils categorise each food into the correct section of the Eat Well Plate. 
  • PSHE - An important lesson about mental health, well-being and mindfulness. 
  • Cooking - Our fabulous school cook made some healthy desserts with the children which included lots of their 5-a-day. 
  • PE - Football competition with a focus on high intensity exercise and the benefits it has on you as you grow older.
  • Daily Mile - A 'Run4Fun' lesson focused on the importance of being active on a daily basis for LIFE!