In case of bad weather or any other event necessitating the closure of the school we have a system in place.

On first day of closure or if closing during school day school staff will ring parents using the school closure contact list and telephone tree.

Also following Northumberland County Council guidelines we will contact local radio stations as well as inform the County Council themselves.

So parents may also:

  • Listen to Local Radio Stations….Mainly BBC Radio Newcastle 95.4fm; other useful Stations are Real Radio 100 to 102fm and Radio Borders 102.3fm.
  • Go to the Northumberland County Council Website – www.northumberland.gov.uk
  • The County Council will continuously update news on the front page
  • Ring the County Councils School helpline – 0845 600 6400

On subsequent days we will inform parents through ParentMail using both email and text, ideally before 7.30am. We will in cases of prolonged closure be able to inform parents in advance i.e. the previous evening.  If you have opted not to have email communication and you have no mobile number on Parent Mail we will obviously telephone you each morning hopefully before 7.30am.

Please keep school informed throughout the year of any changes in your contact numbers.