Through the teaching of Art and Design at Otterburn Primary School we aim to give children the opportunity to;

 ● be creative and record their ideas with confidence.

 ● draw, paint, sculpt and learn other art, craft and design techniques.

● use a range of materials.

● know about some great artists, craft makers and designers and recreate some of their work.

 ● develop their skills as they progress through our school.


At Otterburn Primary School we teach  a varied and exciting art curriculum which has some cross curricular links with history and geography. The Art and Design curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure that the topics taught fulfill all of the aims of the 2014 art and design national curriculum. Art and Design is taught as a discrete subject in weekly lessons which link, where appropriate, to the cross curricular topic being taught in history and geography that term Teachers use a variety of resources to plan and deliver the Art and Design curriculum including Access Art and Twinkl. Children use a wide variety of materials and are taught a range of techniques during art lessons. Children have the opportunity to take part in Art clubs and we celebrate the fantastic art we produce in school by participating in local village shows.


At Otterburn Primary School we want our children to love learning and be creative. We encourage them to experiment with confidence, secure in the knowledge that their art works will be valued. Our art curriculum allows for cross curricular links and the use of a wide range of materials including pencils, paint, pastels, watercolours and clay. The art curriculum allows the development of techniques over time and all children have a sketchbook in which to record their ideas. Teachers expect presentation of work to be of a high standard, any work which is on display is exhibited in an eye catching way. Children enjoy art and are very proud to show their artistic achievements to parents and friends.